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Turn (River Turn)

Here is my Spring 2016 Playlist. See if you can follow the story. Maybe you’ll hear a bit of your story as well… Mine is there too.

Turn (River Turn)*

Turn River Turn

Turn (River Turn)

  1. The Business of Breaking Hearts- Nick Flora
  2. Stressed Out- Twenty One Pilots
  3. 7 Years- Lukas Graham
  4. Here- Alessia Cara
  5. I Can’t Give Everything Away- David Bowie
  6. Heavy in Your Arms- Florence + The Machine
  7. Peeling Off the Layers- Wildbirds & Peacedrums
  8. Hold On (The Break) – Walk Off The Earth
  9. Start A Family- Texas
  10. You Are Loved- Stars Go Dim
  11. Locked Away- R. City (Feat. Adam Levine)
  12. Sorry- Justin Bieber
  13. Prodigal- Sidewalk Prophets
  14. Coming Home to You- Darrell Evans
  15. Home- Daughtry
  16. Into Your Arms- Capital Kings
  17. Just Be Held- Casting Crowns
  18. Tell Your Heart to Beat Again- Danny Gokey
  19. Good Good Father- Zealand Worship
  20. Live On Forever- The Afters


Picture found at http://www.darter.in/bhadra-photo-essay-wildlife-photography-workshop/ 


*The bird in the photo is a “river tern.” Chuckle.

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