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Honey Bookmark

Honey Bookmark 3

I posted this over in my Portfolio, but realized I didn’t share it on my main site. So here it is! Psalm 119:103- “How sweet are your words to my taste, sweeter than honey to my mouth!” In the Jewish

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A Blank Journal


I love a blank journal. Especially if it comes from Paperblanks… Seriously, if you ever want to buy me a birthday or Christmas or Arbor Day present, get me a Paperblanks journal, please. Like this, or this, or this, or

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The Friend Song

friend song

So at camp, we’ve been singing this song– Brother, Friend– for years now.  I wanna say 2002 was the first summer, but I could be totally wrong.  And this other song, Lean On Me, has been around much, much longer.

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I have a confession. . . . I like to doodle. Like, alot. I remember back in Norway, I once got in a fight with one of my friends because he made me feel bad for not paying attention to

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Motivational Babies #4


I just love these things. And not cause I made them, but because I truly find them to be motivational… babies. I was feeling down the other day and browsed the originals and just loved almost each one.  

Fantasy Risk Map

wig2z - Imgur

A while back I wrote about a Fantasy Risk board I made (http://creation.evanweppler.com/2011/11/14/fantasy-risk/) but I never posted pictures or anything. Well, here ya go. I organized the different lands from a variety of children’s tales, fantasy stories, and classic mythology.

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