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Dreams, Part 1


What are dreams? No, I don’t mean what happens when you sleep– but dreams of what we hope to do, who we hope to be, how we hope to change the world.  Hopes. Desires. Ideas. Dreams. It’s interesting how we

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Did You Know?


Did you know any of these amazing facts? Count the ones you knew already and post your score! Did you know… that the Shire theme from Lord of the Rings… …was inspired by the tune of the hymn “This is

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 I hope you are all celebrating Christmas wherever you are. Tuesday is the day where I usually go over News– and what better news is there than the birth of hope in Christ? It is good news itself, the gospel.

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I struggle with depression. I don’t know how long, but it’s flared up over the past few years. In my senior year at Baylor, it was the major factor in delaying my graduation for a year. Even as I went

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Now What?


My thesis is done.  My thesis is submitted!  My thesis is JUST NOW APPROVED! So now what? I have a few months before camp starts, and then I’m off to seminary after that.  So what are the next few months

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