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Bread 2

Bread. I like bread. All sorts of bread. French bread. Italian bread. Croissants. Baguettes. Hawaiian sweet rolls. Wonderbread. Dark German bread. Pretty much any type of bread, I can enjoy. (Except Bagels. Don’t really like bagels.) That being said, because

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The Core


What is your apple core? I’ve lately been strongly inspired to examine the apple and the apple core.  How can we use them to illustrate ideas of faith. 1. The Core of the Church Imagine the whole of Christianity as

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  I’ve always been interested in the concept of verses. How they influence we read the Bible, how we memorize Scipture, how we understand God. This is, apparently, related to “paratext,” a concept in literary interpretation.  Just like going to

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The following is a piece I wrote about the Vespers service at Baylor for one of my English courses.   Present GATHERING in PEACE & QUIET. It is 3:30 Vespers on a sunny Thursday afternoon at Baylor University.  Miller Chapel

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This is a pre-summary (summary of the work before the work is finished– kind of like an outline, but more fun) of what I will be speaking on for the Middle School students at Cypress Bible Church this Sunday morning.

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Faith inscription on a granite block

I have thought about this for quite a while. What is faith?  Is it a decision, a life-style, a belief, an attitude, a trust… All these and more, and yet, we seem to pinpoint faith to specific moments in time.

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You Can Be A Super Hero!


Here’s a talk I presented at Cypress Christian School Elementary Chapel. 1.You can be a Super Hero!  You just need the right supplies Volunteer Supplies Cape- Fabric Sheet Mask- Duct Tape, Cardboard Technology- Random things from around the house Secret

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