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The following is a piece I wrote about the Vespers service at Baylor for one of my English courses.   Present GATHERING in PEACE & QUIET. It is 3:30 Vespers on a sunny Thursday afternoon at Baylor University.  Miller Chapel

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Enraptured VERSE 1 Enraptured and captured By the light of light And the love of love Sweet laughter flies after Our tongues have sung the Love of love   BRIDGE And our lives like vapor burn like paper in the

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Sleeping King

WAKING THE MAGISTRATE In an age when all sense of magic is gone, in a world where beautiful myths don’t belong, while the powers that be block the mystic beyond there is still hope.   Waking The Magistrate is about

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rest arrested

Rest Arrested

Waking up, staying still.  Too warm to move.  Close eyes, too early. There is work yet to do, but nothing is too urgent.  Nothing as urgent as sleep.  No urge as strong. Merely a pile of dirty dishes, dirty laundry,

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Down a road I walked for the first few days of life Breathing in and breathing out, I tasted love and ran about But in came rush and apathy and ignorance and– Then I left, too soon, breathing in and

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