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Just Keep Swimming

I love Finding Nemo. The story, the emotion, the funny moments and inspirational messages. This one in particular has always gripped me.  I’ve constantly searched these videos on YouTube, for a loop of Dory saying “Just Keep Swimming” over and

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Losing Things

I had hoped to find a title with more pizzazz, but it is what it is. I almost titled it “Lost,” but then many of you would assume I was writing about the TV show, which wouldn’t be surprising. (Hmm…

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Sometimes our younger selves are smarter than we are. The truth is, wisdom comes in waves– sometimes it crashes against our shore and we are utterly changed, sometimes it sways in the slightest ways. There are times that my life

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Truth Window

Utterly fascinating. A Truth Window. “A truth window (or truth wall) is an opening in a wall surface, created to reveal the layers or components within the wall.” Taken from http://goo.gl/R6stCQ  “In a straw bale house, a truth window is often used to show the walls are

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