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Litter the Fields


In the Fall of life leaves will fall, as they might, and you dot the ground¬†with little specks of you. Just look- look around, at the trees, round their roots. Vivid hues resemble crowns from which they fell.   And

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Latest Life Events- Fall 2012


Hey, here are some things I’ve gotten to do over the past semester! 1. Finally attend Wheaton 2. See Les Mis in Downtown Chicago 3. Move into my own apartment 4. Visit a Taize Service- for more info go here-¬†http://chicagotemple.org/worship/taize-worship-services/

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The Kingdom


“Long, long ago, the Emperor of the Far Away Lands sailed through the Strait of Nobility, across the Sea of Virtue, and landed on the shores of an uncharted land. He placed the Venerable Charles Schultz in charge of this

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