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Sometimes our younger selves are smarter than we are. The truth is, wisdom comes in waves– sometimes it crashes against our shore and we are utterly changed, sometimes it sways in the slightest ways. There are times that my life

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Now What?


My thesis is done.  My thesis is submitted!  My thesis is JUST NOW APPROVED! So now what? I have a few months before camp starts, and then I’m off to seminary after that.  So what are the next few months

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The Kingdom


“Long, long ago, the Emperor of the Far Away Lands sailed through the Strait of Nobility, across the Sea of Virtue, and landed on the shores of an uncharted land. He placed the Venerable Charles Schultz in charge of this

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Dicey Driving


  Game Supplies 1 vehicle 1 die (or corresponding number of dice to number of vehicles) Instructions 1. Start driving 2. Whenever you are ready to go, roll the die 3. Whatever it lands on determines what you do at

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Card Game- All the Cards!

Day 33 - 52 Pick-Up

All The Cards! A game that promotes creativity, teamwork, and quick learning, all the while staying fun, quirky, and random.  Can be a new game every time! 1. Take: –          Playing Cards –          Uno Cards –          Dutz Blitz Cards –         

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