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Fantasy Risk Map

wig2z - Imgur

A while back I wrote about a Fantasy Risk board I made (http://creation.evanweppler.com/2011/11/14/fantasy-risk/) but I never posted pictures or anything. Well, here ya go. I organized the different lands from a variety of children’s tales, fantasy stories, and classic mythology.

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Scrabble Ideas


Play Scrabble with: 1. Brand Names 2. People Names 3. Sci-Fi/Fantasy Words Or even better– Make up words as you go, along with definitions, and create a game with your friends.

Card Game- All the Cards!

Day 33 - 52 Pick-Up

All The Cards! A game that promotes creativity, teamwork, and quick learning, all the while staying fun, quirky, and random.  Can be a new game every time! 1. Take: –          Playing Cards –          Uno Cards –          Dutz Blitz Cards –         

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